The northen and southern hemisphere of the world are united in the same whirl. each with its own apin every day, many times, we bear witness to this terrestrial and cosmic event in which solid and liquid come in to interplay. So let us pay homepage to this humble object, this basic element, the stack of stone, the drinking trough and the fountain.

Usually TOS manufactures sinks and bowls in white, pure and natural, exactly matching the color of TOS counter tops. TOS sinks and bowls are manufactured from a kind of solid, non-porous and compact materials which has the character of resisting the corrosion. Therefore, it is easy to keep clean. Stains and scratches can be easily eliminated by using wet cloth and soft household detergents or sand paper to restore its gloss. Sinks and countertops are integral and free from chink so there is nowhere for bacteria or pathogens to hide, nor for it to go fungus or get dirty.  


Sink 04

Sink 05

Sink 07

Sink 08

Sink 09

Sink 10

Sink 11

Sink 12

Sink 15

Sink 18

Sink 19

Sink 22

Bowl / Wastafel

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B 02

S 01

S 02

S 03

S 13

S 14

S 20

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